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It’s time to see more women in the front seat 🏎

Inspiring women to change the future.

Jamie Chadwick who has won W Series 2 years running

Women in Motorsports is a subject that takes the back seat but I believe it’s something that should be in the front seat and talked about more and more openly.

There are lots more options for women and much more support than 10 years ago which is something that is great to see. One thing that isn’t, is women in Formula 1 driving seats.

There hasn’t been a female Formula 1 racer since 1992 which I find heartbreaking. Giovanna Amatia was the last female who attempted to qualify for three GP’s but unfortunately failed for all.

Giovanna Amatia

Women were involved in Motorsports more than 60 years ago and Maria Teresa de Filipps was the lady who begun this. Sadly De Filipps ended her career in 1959 due to the year before the race director denied her involvement after he made the controversial statement of “The only helmet that a woman should use is the hairdresser”.

Maria Teresa De Filipps

Being a hairdresser myself I would say that the statement didn’t age well……because women don’t use a hairdressing helmet anymore. But with the joking aside of women not having perms anymore, that statement diminished lots of women’s confidence into becoming the next best female Ayrton Senna, Micheal Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.

Since De Filipps’ retirement there has only been 4 other women in Formula 1. Iconically Lella Lombardi is the only woman to have scored points in Formula 1 and the only woman to have completed the most GP’s with 17 entries and 12 starts.

Jamie Chadwick standing proud in first

But now the future for women is very bright with W series a strong and upcoming platform. The two year company attends some of the Formula 1 race weekends alongside the big names in business. It has seen Jamie Chadwick become the reigning champion and with her success and all of the W series drivers it is inspiring and paving the way for future female world champions.

With more and more companies like W series, Formula Woman and now McLaren announcing their first ever female driver for Extreme E. Women should feel empowered in the change and to take the step, change history and bring more women into Formula 1.

It is finally time to see more women in the front seat instead of waiting in the wings.


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