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A hairdresser in Formula 1 and Motorsports?

Come and take a look into a small part of me

Like butter wouldn’t melt.

Well hello and welcome to CMMS.

Catchy isn’t it?

CMMS is the new name for my blog and website – Campbell’s Motorsport Media Services. Now where I’d love to take all credit and say I came up with the full idea I cannot, I had ideas bounced off, it stuck and I loved it. So here we are.

I thought I’d do a more personal article as, from the title of the article and CMMS being the name of my new blog I assume it raises questions. One of those may be; a hairdresser in Formula 1 and Motorsports how does that work? That is why I’m here to tell you.

To begin with indeed I am a hairdresser, but behind that is a person who has a deep passion and love for Superbikes, F1 and all Motorsports. While I may not be in the industry yet, it is my goal to achieve it wether that be through writing, PR, social media, article writing, podcasting or a host. I have a very open approach as to what direction I go in, but if I can be in and around my passion that is the main thing that matters to me.

While I may not have a degree or experience in the Motorsports industry I have a varied working background making my communication and people skills somewhat strong. Being a hairdresser is a very social job, as you are around many different people during a long day for either short or long periods of time. It goes very fast if you talk half as much as I can. I’m not joking.

I grew up watching Motorsports and more specifically Formula 1 with my pops, it is a big part of our relationship and we talk about it all of the time. We have travelled up and down the country watching various Motorsports, with most of that consisting of the British Superbikes. We have always watched races together when I was little and we still do now if it isn’t live and in person. He is taken aback and impressed by my knowledge all of the time, compared to 6 year old Amy asking the questions, it is now him asking me.

Over the past year especially since COVID-19 happened I had more time on my hands than one would’ve liked but this gave me lots of time to learn more about the thrilling sport and different Motorsports too. I have found a deeper adoration and interest for W-series, FE, BTCC and TCR UK, Porsche Supercup, Mini series, Stockcar racing, World SBK, Moto GP, BSB and so many more. There are multiple reasons as to why I love it, so much but to round off a few it would be the interest in how it all works; from the talented team of lots of people who work together, down to the strategies and the importance of a good performance from the driver in order to win points, lastly the engineering and knowledge to build an incredible piece of machinery.

Now, you may think but Amy lots of people love Formula 1 and Motorsports and want to do that, what makes you different?

I would begin and say firstly, I agree and that is a very good question.

Secondly I’d say what makes me different is I am a person with a background of many different things; from working in different places, to volunteering in different areas and doing as much for charity as I can which I do silently but raise as much as I can. I would like to say it shows I am a kind and giving person who will do what she can for people not for anything back but because she wants to. What makes me different is I am a person who won’t give up regardless of how many say no or don’t believe in my abilities, I keep pushing until I get a yes. I am a person who is more than happy to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in because that’s all I’ve ever done, I don’t shy away from hard work especially if it involves working as a team. That is some of what I see in myself and hopefully you see it too.

I hope that has given you a little insight to me and if you have any questions fire away with pleasure, you can find me on LinkedIn under Amy Campbell and you’ll find me self deprecating about being a future F1 and Motorsports employee while cutting hair in the meantime.

If you made it this far, congratulations I wasn’t joking when I said I talk a lot but I hope you enjoyed the read.

Take care until next time,

Amy 🙂


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