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About Me!

Hi! It’s great to virtually meet you.

I’m Amy Campbell, there should be a picture to the left, right or just above, in case you want to put a face to the name 🙂

About me, where do I start! The reason you are here, Motorsports. I absolutely love all things Superbikes, F1 and anything Motorsports. It is something I massively grew up with and it intrigued me from the very moment of introduction.

Even though my current job is the complete opposite of Motorsports, I have always been fascinated with it and I knew it would be something I would stick with and continue the love for in my years growing up. It is both sentimental yet passionate to me. I grew up with Motorsports and with my dad having his own personal experiences and stories to tell me, it always made me want to create my own.

From being a little tot spending all Sunday every Sunday watching F1 with my Dad, to more recent days going to various Motor meets, races, events and even what one would call a festival; while travelling up and down the country, it holds a very special place to me.