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Tussle for the title

It’s time for the curtains for the F1 2021 season.


This season has been one with some of the most thrilling and gripping moments. Some of those moments being between rivals Verstappen and Hamilton who fought it out for the title until the very end.

There has been crashes, clashes and controversy through the majority of the year and now there has been a crowned champion, it’s time to unpack the tussle to the title.

From the get go back in Bahrain which feels like yesterday Hamilton kicked it off by taking the win but with Verstappen just behind we all knew that we would be in for a ride. Lewis began to lead in the championship until round 5 in Monaco came around where he finished in 7th and Verstappen in 1st, was it going to start to be all over for Hamilton?

Azerbaijan was where frustration begun with Verstappen, after being on track to win he lost the rear and crashed into the wall and jumped out, kicking the tire in infuriation. For Hamilton the later restart could’ve been his perfect chance but unfortunately locked up into turn 1 dropping down the field and finished 15th. This didn’t altered the championship luckily for Verstappen.

Verstappen in the heat of the moment at Azerbaijan

In France, Verstappen was victorious and took his winning streak through to Austria round 1 and 2. With Hamilton finishing just below and then 4th in round 2 of Austria, Verstappen took over the championship. Until…..

The Great British Grand Prix.

Controversial is one word to describe it, contact between the title toppers were made at Copse corner and caused serious damage to the red bull but luckily Verstappen was okay and well. We couldn’t believe our eyes, it was a shake me moment and did that just happen!

Verstappen was known for his risky moves and diving up the inside. If there was any glimmer of opportunity he was the man unafraid to take it.

Verstappen at the British GP after clashing with Hamilton

After a wet start at the Hungarian track. Verstappen looked like he could have steam coming out of his ears, when he was in the media day and asked about his move with Hamilton in the British GP. After getting fired up and tired of being asked the same things he completely shut down reporters. Verstappen was geared up to continue his battle for the win but got caught up in contact with multiple cars while Hamilton sailed ahead and finished in 2nd and his rival in 9th. Hamilton was bumping up his points ahead but Verstappen was nipping at his heals and he regained the win after his home Dutch race. All of the way through it was a close fight and constantly handing the title back and forth.

Verstappen and Hamilton wheel to wheel

In Monza the two drivers had a dramatic crash after Verstappen threw it up the inside into turn one with Hamilton close by on the outside. It resulted in the Red Bull mounting the Mercedes in the gravel. The fight and controversy continued but both drivers made it out alright and thank goodness for the halo’s.

The aftermath of Verstappen going over curbs to overtake Hamilton

Hamilton made history and took his 100th win in Sochi but unfortunately not taking the lead in his championship, Verstappen on the other hand did extend his and had an incredible comeback from 20th on the grid to 2nd.

Verstappen continued to extend his wins in Turkey, United States and Mexico. At this point most assumed Verstappen was looking favourable to win the driver championship. Until Hamilton came back fast and light up fire to win in Brazil, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

With moments in nearly all races with the FIA becoming a regular call of contact, corners being cut, contact being made and places being asked for back it came down to the last race. Nobody in the world would have wrote it that both title rivals would enter the last race of the season on even points. It was a level playing field and all to play for.

Round 22 was here in Abu Dhabi.

With Verstappen on pole for the race and taking the win in 2020. Most say that those on pole take the win. Could it be fate for Verstappen to take the win again?

With Hamilton getting a rapid reaction time and leading the majority of the race, it was fate and luck that Verstappen needed. After Latifi crashed bringing out the safety car it came down to one lap and all of 16 corners. This was it. This was Verstappens twist of fate and golden ticket. Surely enough Verstappen threw everything he had and won not just the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but won the Drivers Championship. On lap 58 out of 58 he snatched fastest lap, the GP win and the Drivers Championship.

Congratulations to the new world champion Max Verstappen. May you have more luck, many more wins and world championships to come.

The new world champion

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