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Hamilton awarded driver of the day and boy was he!

Säo Paulo F1 GP

Hamilton and Bottas celebrating.

Mercedes had a victorious weekend as Hamilton took a well deserved win at the Brazilian Grand Prix, he faced challenges from a 5 place grid penalty for a new engine component to being disqualified for a rear wing altercation with over flexing suspected by Red Bull and Verstappen. Hamilton started at the back of the grid in the sprint qualifying and flew his way up to an impressive 5th place. Then on Sunday Hamilton sat 10th and went on to take the win which he hasn’t done at that circuit since 2018. Bottas had a strong weekend also, especially with his most impressive result that weekend in the sprint race jumping to P1 and then his pit in the race which Mercedes strategised well for the undercut launching them 11 points ahead in the constructors championship.

Red Bull had a consistent weekend with Verstappen finishing 2nd all weekend except for being promoted to P1 after qualifying following Hamilton’s disqualification. Perez fought well and he remained within the top 6 all weekend, Red Bull seemed to have a lot of pace with them. Perez snatched up the fastest lap after pitting on lap 70 to softs to get an extra point for the team. Unfortunately for Red Bull the constructors championship top spot is now 11 points out of reach, prior to the race being only 1 which makes the last 3 races important for Red Bull for them to take the win. With Verstappen 14 points ahead in the drivers championship the motivation is there for him and the team.


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