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The Future World Champion 🏎

Say Hello to the young and upcoming future world champion Atharva Desai.

Atharva in his Element

Meet Atharva, he is at the young age of 19 but don’t let that fool you. He is a highly dedicated, consistent and self motivated young man, who’s dream is to progress his way up the Formula’s and peak his career in Formula 1.

Where does the future world champion get his passion from you ask? Well, Atharva got his dream of Formula 1 at the age of 7, where he became fascinated by not just the driving, but the Engineering side also. This inspired his decision to begin karting and further down the line a degree in Engineering. Atharva made sure that any opportunity he got, he would always watch Formula 1 and he has a deep burning passion for not just Formula 1, but all of the Formula’s. Atharva worked, and still does extremely hard to get to where he is now. He is constantly finding new ways to better his craft by training and incorporating regular use of his realistic simulator and VR simulator where he practices on various race tracks, most of those include Formula 1 tracks. Atharva is always making sure he is at the top of his game.

Atharva opens his arms and heavily embraces his heritage. He currently resides in the UK but his origin and place of birth is America, where his family remains along with both of his parents who are originally from India. Atharva is very much in touch with his heritage and he makes sure he does all that he can to represent the cultures and he is extremely proud of it.

Taking it back to Atharva’s childhood where his admiration for Motorsports all began. He entered a local karting league at 10 years old and later won as a rookie. Upon his win, Atharva then graduated and won the Senior league. After Atharva and his family discovered his natural talent, he entered many karting events and time after time Atharva flew up to the top of the times and won not just heat races but endurance ones too. Atharva then went on to ROTAX nationals and finished an impressive 2nd place. All Atharva ever did was thrive and continue his hard work, which paid off and he landed an outstanding opportunity for himself and secured an invite to test various Formula cars. After a few years of experience in Formula 4 cars, Atharva knows exactly where he wants to go and what his calling is.

The upcoming young talent grabs opportunities that comes his way with both hands and one of those that he embraced, was an interview about his impressive career thus far that was aired on Asia Television Network (ATN). Atharva is very much open to any avenues that come his way and he wants to make sure that his heritage in both India and America are at the forefront and alongside him in the journey of his progression working his way up the Formula’s to becoming a world champion.

Atharva never failed to impress and still time has not changed this. He made the bold decision to leave his home in America and move to Oxford to study an Engineering degree. Since living in the UK Atharva became a part of the Young Racing Driver Academy (YRDA) under Arden Motorsports Team, which is family to Red Bull team and it is run by both Garry Horner alongside brother and F1 Red Bull Team Principle Christian Horner.

The natural talents goal for this 2022 season is to be showcasing his passion, dedication and hard work. Atharva is raring and ready to get racing in Formula 3 and full-fill his life long dream of becoming world champion.

Check out Atharva on his website



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