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Exciting times are ahead of us! 🏎

Hi folks and welcome back. It’s really great to have you here and I hope that you are well.

Now it’s time to unpack news and some exciting times that are ahead of us. With car releases less than a month away it’s time to get your diary out and get these dates in.

So far we have Aston Martin on 10th Feb, McLaren 11th Feb, Ferrari on the 17th Feb and Mercedes Feb 18th. TBC leaves Alfa Romeo, Alfa Tauri, Alpine, Red Bull, Williams and Haas. McLaren has also teased us with a triple reveal including their Extreme E car, Indycar and their Esports squads which Esports has been a massive hit.

We’ve had some sneak peaks of the car and boy oh boy does it look good. From the way the rear wing curves up and around to the way the tires sit on the car, it is one of my favourite designs yet.

In other news

Pre-season testing dates have been confirmed for 2022, with three days of track running in Spain, before the brand-new cars head to Bahrain in March for the Official Pre-Season Test.

Two sessions of three days each will take place ahead of the 23-race Formula 1 campaign to ring in the new era.

Barcelona – February 23-25

Im sad to say it won’t include live race style and lap coverage but will show best lap times of the day

Bahrain – March 10-12

Just ahead of the Bahrain GP that begins on March 18th. There will be coverage from both on

Last but not least.

The reopening of what we thought was closed. The FIA confirm their detail analysis of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. Which caused a controversial end and a title win that some were delighted with and some not so much.

On the 13th January the FIA had begun the process and with new leadership from Mohammed Ben Sulaym had begun. He made a statement “The FIA President launched a consultation with all F1 teams on various issues, including this one.

“On January 19, an item on the agenda of the Sporting Advisory Committee will be dedicated to the use of the Safety Car. The following stage will be a shared discussion with all F1 drivers.

“The outcome of the detailed analysis will be presented to the F1 Commission in February and final decisions will be announced at the World Motor Sport Council in Bahrain on 18 March.

“FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has asked Secretary General Sport and recently appointed Single-Seater Director Peter Bayer for proposals to review and optimize the organization of the FIA F1 structure for the 2022 season.”

I personally feel that not much could change and in terms of how Lewis must feel, I think any decision made from now on won’t wash away how disappointed he must’ve felt. I think that any decision that was made at the time wouldn’t suit everyone which is a part of life but it will be interesting to see what changes they will decide to make.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and until the next one take care.

Amy 🙂

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